Is this a subscription service?

No subscription, no commitment. You can create a menu once a week or once a month or whenever you need a break from the kitchen.

What constitutes a serving?

All dishes are designed as meal prep. You can expect 10 servings from any menu item we consider.

What areas do you serve?

I deliver within 25 miles of Clayton, CA for no additional fee. Some travel fees will apply for destinations more than 25 miles from my residence.

Is the cost of groceries included?

Yes, I have a flat fee. It includes the cost of groceries, all preparations and personal delivery.

I follow a keto/vegetarian/low calorie diet, can you prepare food accordingly?

I would be happy to accommodate any of your dietary preferences.

Where do you shop for ingredients?

I am happy to shop at any local store that you prefer as long as it’s within driving distance of my own home. I am close to several Safeway stores, Whole Foods, Nob Hill, Lucky.

Do you have a business license and insurance?

I have both!

How do I secure a date?

In order to inquire for my services, please complete the contact form which will notify me via email. I will contact you directly for a consultation! 

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